TZM Organizational Structure

A response to people who are confused or concerned about our structure

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Global > <  State <  > Regional > < Province / University Sub-chapters


US Coordinator’s summary based on Peter Joseph’s presentation:

It is important to understand that The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) is not looking for a direction or input to define our direction.  This is established and documented throughout our materials. Public acknowledgment in support of the movement is a person’s completely voluntary “vote” for what we are doing, so it is recommend that people become familiar with what the movement is about, and how the movement operates, before to representing themselves as supporters. Thoroughly researching something to see if you are in agreement with it, prior to endorsing it is…well…sensible.

TZM supports a global, Resource-Based Economy (RBE) and we are in a phase of spreading awareness about this. Collaboration from movement supporters is welcomed and encouraged within the many teams that function to facilitate awareness communication.

If someone seeks to contribute to changing the direction of the movement to something other than what has been clearly and publicly stated, or a person seeks to promote a type of activism unrelated to merely spreading awareness about an RBE at this time, then this person is choosing to support a direction that is independent of TZM.

TZM LogoThe ZM Chapters structure is our communication network to organize activism and right now activism is exclusive to spreading awareness. TZM is not organizing a structure for the purpose of providing people with survival resources in this current monetary system. Survival resources need to be pursued outside of the movement. Likewise, intentional community projects or participation is a pursuit independent of TZM. While TZM advocates a resource-based economy, TZM itself is not a resource-based economy. While TZM advocates a central database managing the earth’s resources, TZM does not have access to such a database at this time.

TZM is not a government or a corporation.  Words like democracy, top-down, dictatorship, and elite often used in questions that challenge the nature of the movement’s structure and are terms associated with power structures such as a governments or corporations. A ‘power structure’ is an organizational structure that uses a means of leverage in order to maintain compliance and control. Military force or resource incentives that can be withdrawn in the event of non-compliance are examples of leverage for power. TZM has no military or personal resource incentive to give or withhold from individuals. Our structure is made up of volunteers who desire to forward the movement’s direction through activism. All resources involved exist exclusively for the purposes of spreading awareness (i.e. banners, fliers, dvds, venue rentals, websites, booth rentals, meeting recordings, TZM videos, TZM biz cards, etc) and are not intended for personal use or benefit.

Information about the movement direction and The Venus Project are equally accessible to both active supporters, throughout the communication structure, and to the general public so long as they can access our websites on the internet. People in all areas of the network have access to the same information regarding the movement, with the exception of personal contact information of volunteers out of respect of individual privacy. Even so, there is always a way to make contact with people within the network via website, forum and chat tools.

A network of Chapters exists to keep information clear and on track about an RBE and awareness activism, but Chapters do not exist to provide personal resources for individual survival nor do they motivate activists through a means of force. It may seem ridiculous to bring this point up, but since several people have expressed concern about a potential power structure, it is important to remind concerned people that participation in the movement is entirely by choice. Simply choosing to disagree with the movement’s stance offers no consequence. Choosing to disagree with the movement’s direction and attaching the TZM name to your alternative agenda, however, will result in TZM making a distinction that you are representing the movement in a fraudulent way by withdrawing any “official” recognition of your stance as accurately representing TZM. That’s basically it. TZM cannot prevent a person from having an alternative opinion or approach to changing the world for the better so long as it adopts a different label.

“But I’ve heard about banning or suspensions? Doesn’t that reveal a power structure?”

Banning or suspension is an action directly related to forum or chat behavior that violates pre-established, public rules for communication on those tools. If a person is banned or suspended they have chosen, by their behavior, to violate a pre-established rule that results in a banning or suspension consequence. A ban or suspension means you are prevented from accessing the tool through technical means. More often than not it is a temporary suspension, but a permanent ban would be a consequence of repeated forum or chat rule violation or a consequence of a serious threat made either to the tool’s performance or to another person using the tool. Forum and chat rules exist to help facilitate an environment that is most effective for productive communication among movement supporters or those seeking information about the movement.

The forums and chat tools are merely tools, managed by the Moderation Team, and they are not the movement itself. It is impossible to ban someone from supporting a movement. Support occurs within the mind of an individual that is in agreement with the actual goals and direction of the movement. No one can take away a person’s ability to support the direction of a global RBE or the ability to spread awareness about this direction.

“But what if I have a problem with something going on in the movement? What can I do about it?”

If the problem is of a personal nature, regarding the behavior or communication of a movement member, it is advised that you contact a coordinator to mediate to arrive at a resolution. If the problem involves a coordinator, seek out the coordinator that is a step-up in the network chain of communication and they can help to mediate. For example, if you have an issue with a sub-chapter coordinator you may contact a state coordinator. If you have an issue with a state coordinator you may contact a national coordinator. If you are unsure of who to contact, you can submit an email detailing your concern to chapters@thezeitgeistmovement.com.

If your problem is related to an aspect of the movement that concerns an awareness initiative, you can seek out the appropriate team that is responsible for that aspect of communication and attend a meeting to present your problem and discuss solutions with team members. See above list of teams. Many of these teams hold voice chat meetings in TeamSpeak that are open to the public.

Most teams operate with the understanding that if you bring a problem to the table, you should also bring ideas of workable solutions or be willing to help brainstorm on a workable solutions with the group. Workable solutions involve resources (human or otherwise) that we currently have access to versus resources we wish we had access to. Of course, if there is interest in acquiring new resources to implement a project, then a workable plan to acquire the necessary resources would be the place to start. All teams work on projects related to spreading awareness and educating people about TVP.

If your problem is related to needing clarification on the movement direction, I recommend reading The ZM Activist Orientation guide. Peter Joseph’s Radio addresses and lectures are also accessible on the global website. Also the FAQs found on thevenusproject.com website offer extensive answers to over 100 common questions. If you still feel you need further clarification on something, even after reviewing the available information, attend a local or online meeting and ask questions of people who are more familiar with the movement’s material to offer assistance in clarification.

doors-options If after reviewing informative material and asking questions in meetings, you find you are in disagreement with the stance of the movement’s direction and  current focus on awareness activism, then please be honest with recognition that you are not in full support of The Zeitgeist Movement at this time. Also, a person can re-evaluate their position of support and opt for a different choice at any point in time.

Can a person be involved with The Zeitgeist Movement and another movement, non-profit or intentional community project?

Absolutely! Many people are involved in multiple organizations. It’s fine to share with other TZM members information about other organizations you support, but it is best to do so one-on-one in informal social gatherings as opposed to announcements at TZM meetings or TZM newsletters (unless it is a special event intended to involve multiple organization), as it is disrespectful to TZM members when a person piggy-backs on their volunteer efforts in order to redirect attention to an alternative cause. Since the entire purpose of our movement right now is to bring awareness to solutions that address root causes with a global systems approach, it is counter-productive for TZM to spend a lot of time focused on patchwork efforts that are temporary solutions. We leave the focus on patchwork efforts to other organizations. Remember: the sooner we can reach critical mass attention to the importance of a global, RBE, the sooner we can move forward on addressing the very issues that other organizations have been working for decades to resolve!


It is well-documented what the movement advocates: a global, resource-based economy and right now, activism means creating critical mass awareness. You either support this or you don’t- it’s your choice: educate yourself and choose wisely. If you support what we advocate and what we are doing, we welcome your contributions in forwarding this direction. Join a team and jump in!



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