Chapter Purpose, Focus & Coordinating

Our Purpose:

The ZM Chapters structure is our communication network to organize world-wide.  Each new chapter gives people in that region a place to go to engage in these ideas.  At the moment the Movement’s focus is on awareness activism of not only the Movement’s presence, but of the root-causes to persistent social problems and a sustainable solution which can be briefly named a resource-based economic model.  The chapters themselves are focused on on-the-ground awareness projects and social interaction in regard to this direction.

Our greatest challenge isn’t the technical application of the solutions that exist to create an access abundance for the world’s population.  It is the value systems which are perpetuated by established institutions that comprise the largest part of our society, namely monetary, political and religious establishments.  The hardened value systems that are created by established orders are the most difficult to address.  Someone I admire stated to me once that, “The truth isn’t something that is told to you, it is something you realize on your own through new information.”  The purpose of the chapters is to be holographic as a network, and an on-the-ground and in-person presence which takes on that task of engaging the public, inputting new information into the current value system – communicating with people as best we can so that the possibility of a sustainable world can exist beyond the ultimate decay of an over-consumption model such as we have now.

Communication Structure

As noted before.  Our structure is holographic in the sense that each chapter contains the information and purpose of the Movement itself, engaging in awareness activism in their region.  Having organized in this way helps keep the internal noise of ‘conflict & opinion’ to a minimum. So we have chapters which are comprised of volunteers who desire to forward the movement’s direction.  Projects and events that are accomplished by members, that show merit to the Movement and success in the communication of what we advocate, tend to get picked up by other chapters.  Feedback is given, usefulness becomes self-evident, and ultimately they’re brought to the attention of the global coordinators through our networked levels of local, state, and national chapters.  So communication is flowing both ways.

What is a Coordinator?

The term “Coordinator” is a descriptive title of what actions one is doing within the Movement’s chapters.  Coordinators (as well as all TZM members) are volunteers.  Our time and efforts are purposed by the necessity of transitioning out of the current monetary/market paradigm to a sustainable resource-based model.

Coordinators express, through their desire to take on the role, that they identify with what the root-causes to persistent social problems are, and advocate transitioning to a new social system as a necessity.  Coordinators are generally involved in:

  • Facilitating meetings on a regular basis
  • the planning of activist events.
  • We  hold an understanding of the “Movement’s Orientation Guide” which is an 83-page PDF that explains the attributes of this direction in detail
  • Take as a responsibility – Creating a place that people can come to engage in the educational imperatives consistent with the ideas in our published materials.
  • We also take responsibility for the focus and relevance of activism projects, resources offered by members, respect for people’s time and the movement’s purpose.
  • Maintain a web presence of the chapter as a record of our activities
  • Stay in communication with the coordinator next closest in tier (regional, state, national, etc)
  • Do not abuse chapter resources for outside causes or “patchwork” projects

Chapter Meetings:

Chapter Meetings consist of planning for activism events and feedback from completed projects, as well as being a communications portal of movement-wide efforts (i.e. Moving Forward premier, Zday).  We learn effectiveness of our activism by experience, and work with the resources available regardless of chapter size..

Our meetings are not discussions of whether people like the idea of an RBE or a round-table melting-pot of everyone’s opinion.  Foundational principles such as ‘dynamic equilibrium’ or a ‘system’s theory approach’ to resource management are well defined in the physical world.

On a fun note, social aspects are certainly part of chapter activities, this is a social movement, but our focus is on engaging social values via public awareness campaigns which is, in a way, a race against time in regards to the mounting bio-social pressures forming in the human experience we call civilization.  These pressures can show up as physical (resource depletion), abstract (monetary inflation), physiological (stress), environmental (ecological degradation), or as the ultimate human failure to bridge our differences (warfare)  These pressures, along with many others, can be referenced in a recently published book from the UK, “The Spirit Level” by Richard Wilkinson & Kate Pickett.

Official vs. Unofficial groups

Official State Chapters are a network of self-motivated groups of individiuals that advocate and support the Zeitgeist Movement and the solutions proposed.  Chapters are focused on on-the-ground awareness projects and public interaction.  *It is not necessary to maintain official status.  Some people don’t have time, or some wish to form a group for other causes (i.e. green movements, transition towns, building a city, or just enjoy access to socializing).  These avenues are open to all but are not what TZM is about.  The Movement’s direction is well documented throughout our materials.  When one states their public acknowledgment in support of the movement (usually by referring to one’s self as a “member”) this is your voluntary agreement for what we are doing, so it is recommended that you become familiar with what the Movement is about before representing yourself as a supporter.



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